“I REALLY REALLY love that H – by jimmeny, it’s doing something wonderful to me and i can’t quite explain, but it’s like’s opened the gateway between a world i so fondly recognise and a Tolkienian fantasy land the discovery of which would yield pleasures untold” – Eddy

“It’s GORGEOUS! My stepfather is obsessed with it, we’ve already decided where it will go in the flat” – Talulla commission

“I love it. Love the colours” – Fiona commission

“Hermione, it is stunning. I LOVE IT” – Gemma commission

“The painting is just so so so wonderful hermione i love it. I am obsessssed with the painting. So is my dad!! Going to look for a frame today” – painting bought by Hattie

“Oh she will LOVE it!! You are so clever…simply amazing!” – Hannah commission

“It’s perfect!! Thank you Hermione” – Jo commission

“My dad loved! Loved his painting, I gave it to him on Christmas day and he was bowled over!” – Jess commission

“Oh my god I love it!! They’re going to love that so much!!” – Sarah commission